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2 photos (left) used for the painting

workshop 21th century painting

Mind you, this is still an 'analogue' painting workshop. Only we won't act as if computers, the internet and digital photography didn't exist. Because these technologies can be put to very good use in fine arts, just as in so many other fields. And while the old masters wouldn't have hesitated for a moment if they had access to these resources, for some reason many contemporary artists prefer not to openly admit they use them.

Seasoned artist and VpA founder Peter Dammers will take you along in his usual work flow. He will show you how to develop an idea for a painting and execute that idea efficiently with the aid of the internet, a photo camera and imaging software: You will develop, assemble and edit your idea in the shape of a (digital) photo collage and then switch to the 'analogue', first doing some traditional sketching, before you realize your painting using the 'good old' acrylics, oils, etc. And even while you are wielding your trusted brushes, digital technologies can still render good services.

Most art materials like easels, drawing boards and paper are catered by the school.

This is a workshop. Timetable is to be debated. All workshops start whenever there is sufficient demand. Minimum number of participants: 2.

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