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basic drawing I course

Drawing is a fundamental skill in many art disciplines. This Basic Drawing I is our fine arts department's foundation course. It is also our most successful course: So far, several hundred individuals from around the world have favoured from it (see reviews on Google and facebook). If this world were fair and just, it would have won many prizes and awards :-)

The course covers fundamental issues such as how to get started, seeing shape, direction, position, proportion, and PERSPECTIVE (3 classes), and TONE (or value) in relation to volume and 3 dimensional space (3 classes).
You will be drawing mainly from observation (still life, portrait, nude figure) but attention will also be given to working from photographs. All art materials including models are catered by the school.

teacher: Peter Dammers

The course has six 3-hour classes, running on consecutive weekend days (presently on Sundays). The next start is Sunday Dec 4, 10:00-13:00 (the first 3 classes will run before the Xmas break, after which the course will continue and be completed in January). The price of the course is 420 euros.

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