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crash course drawing

"I can't draw" is what many people think and say about themselves, and maybe that includes you. But did you ever seriously try? Or were one or two classmates in school so advanced that you were simply put off, assuming their skill to be normal and concluding you must have no 'talent' for drawing?
Now one probably does need   s o m e   talent to reach the top in any discipline, but we like to believe that anyone can learn to draw. It simply takes practice, just like learning to play tennis or a musical instrument does.
Our expert teachers will change your mind set and prove to you in 3 hours that .. you c a n actually draw, which will open the (back) door to a wonderfully creative and enriching hobby!

Due to the present popularity of our Basic Drawing (I) course, we stopped   s c h e d u l i n g   Crash Courses. To enroll, please send us an email and we shall let you know when there will be room for you in either class 1 or 4 of the Basic Drawing I course running at that period (these 2 classes being the introductory ones in the BasDra I program). You can consult the monthly schedules on our SM pages to see when Basic Drawing I courses are starting (and figure out the dates for classes 1 and 4).

The crash course is usually taught on weekend mornings from 10-13 hrs. Price: 125 euros.

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