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Romare Bearden

watercolour course

Beginners in fine arts tend to mistake watercolour for the introductory media to painting. Compared to oils and acrylics it is actually a bit more challenging, for in watercolour adjustments are relatively hard to make - if at all, without losing the 'freshness' of the work, much the same as in drawing. On the other hand - again like drawing, watercolour is a conveniently 'fast' media: One can start and complete a watercolour picture within an hour.

In this introductory course you will first learn about the materials needed, basic colour theory and watercolour pigments, brushes and papers. The following classes will then be project based, and you will be guided in painting still life, landscape, figure and portrait, while practising basic techniques like stretching paper, laying washes, working wet in wet, controlling edges, using dry brush, etc.

All art materials are catered by the school. We do however recommend students to purchase their own (few) paints and brushes early during the course so they can also practise at home and get more consistent results. We can also inform you about the best deals in town.

The course has 4 weekly 3-hour classes and usually runs during weekends. Find out about the next start on our social media pages. Price of the course: 280 Euro.

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