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How courses differ from workshops and private tutoring on this site

In the listing below right, after you have chosen a department, the c o u r s e s are displayed in w h i t e (see the example to the right). They have a fixed program, are prescheduled and designed for small groups of max 8 people. The courses are generally taught during the weekend, starting at 10:00 or 15:00. Given sufficient interest they can also run on week days. Typically courses have six 3-hour classes. For detailed information on a course, please consult the page for that particular course (to be found using the vertical menu to the right).

The w o r k s h o p s are displayed in b l a c k . They are intended for smaller, often self formed groups (most often the minimum is 2) and can be organized on request, within a week. A workshop typically has less sessions than a course, and its program and timetable can be debated to accommodate (a majority of) participants. Also, workshop fees will depend on the number of participants (see prices). Workshops and private tutoring /individual coaching sessions can run on both week- and weekend days.

All w o r k s h o p s are also offered as private tutoring /individual coaching sessions.

If you are interested in one of our w o r k s h o p s, please contact us early for us to include that workshop in our planning for the next calendar month, as posted on our social media pages. Other people can then subscribe, increasing the probability that the workshop will run (the requested minimum of participants being met).

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