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student work based on random arrangement of household items

working with CHANCE

Getting stuck with your SELF, repeating the same subject, style and approach over and over? Probably most of us do (at some point), and probably because it feels SAFE ..
In a VERY diverse series of small artistic projects you are challenged to deal with fortuity in a PLAYfull manner and SURPRICE yourself with the outcome. REFRESHING .. INSPIRING ..

Next to drawing, painting and collage, you will also be working with sound, text, photography and animation. If this prospect daunts you, you should appreciate that none of the projects require special skill or training. You should however be prepared to having less control over results than you are (perhaps) used to.

Your teacher Peter Dammers spent his artistic career intentionally experimenting with and integrating chance and randomness in his oeuvre (which covers fine arts, graphic arts, photography, film, poetry and soundscapes).

If you are open minded, creative and sensitive to different art forms, this might just be the course for you!

The course has five 3-hour sessions on consecutive weekend days. It will be scheduled as soon as there is enough interest. The price is 425 euros. This includes (most) art materials, coffee and tea.

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